The Strain Season 1 Premium

Limited Collector's Edition Includes Skin-Crawling Special Features and an Exclusive Master's Bust. Experience the first season of TV's hottest, most blood-curdling sci-fi series from Executive Producers-Writers Guillermo del Toro, Carlton Cuse and Chuck Hogan – along with behind-the-scenes special features that explore the story’s journey from best-selling novel to hit show.

Disc 1:
**Night Zero
**Box, The
**Gone Smooth
**It's Not for Everyone

**Audio Commentary on Night Zero by Guillermo del Toro
**Deleted Scenes
**In the Beginning

Disc 2:
**For Services Rendered
**Creatures of the Night
**Disappeared, The

**Deleted Scenes
**A Novel Approach

Disc 3:
**Loved Ones
**Third Rail, The
**Last Rites
**Master, The

**Audio Commentary on The Master by Carlton Cuse
**Deleted Scenes
**Gag Reel
**FX Teasers: The Strain Season 1
**He Is Here
**Setrakian's Lair