Archer Season 3

Join suave master spy Sterling Archer and his team at ISIS for another hilarious season of over-sexed, hard-drinking espionage and insanity!

With a crisis brewing aboard the international space station, Earth may be doomed, but the world’s most dangerous secret agent has bigger worries. Archer’s dead fiancée returns to life as a cyborg. His nemesis, Bionic Barry, takes over the KGB, and Archer’s mother has steamy affairs with both the Italian prime minister and Archer’s man-crush. Packed with outrageous operations and irreverent intrigue, Season Three comes armed to the teeth with exclusive, highly classified animated extras. YOUR MISSION: GET ARCHER…TODAY!

Disc 1:

**Heart of Archness: Part I
**Heart of Archness: Part II
**Heart of Archness: Part III
**The Man from Jupiter
**El Contador
**The Limited
**Drift Problem
**Lo Scandalo

**Commentary on El Contador featuring Chris Parnell, Aisha Tyler and Adam Reed
**Commentary on Drift Problem featuring Judy Greer, Amber Nash and Adam Reed
**Commentary on Lo Scandalo featuring Adam Reed and Jessica Walter

Disc 2:

**Bloody Ferlin
**Crossing Over
**Skin Game
**Space Race: Part I
**Space Race: Part II

**Cooking with Archer
**Gator 2 - Trailer
**Archer Season 3 at Comic-Con 2012
**Heart of Archness Trilogy Enhanced
**Book-on-Tape Fail