Archer Season 2

Sterling Archer, the world’s most dangerous spy, and his snarky ISIS cohorts are back for another outrageously raunchy season of international espionage and hilarious inter-office intrigue! When he’s not busy foiling eco-terrorist threats, tracking down mysterious killers, or having sex in x-ray machines, the suave master-spy has his hands full with bikini-clad ninjas, Swiss nymphomaniacs, and paternity suits. Archer searches for the true identity of his father, battles breast cancer, and brings a sexy, ex-KGB agent home to meet his domineering mother. It’s all in a day’s work for the international man of mystery in this uproariously edgy animated farce.

Disc 1:

**Swiss Miss
**Going Concern, A
**Blood Test
**Pipeline Fever
**Double Deuce, The
**Tragical History
**Movie Star
**Stage Two

Disc 2:

**Placebo Effect
**El Secuestro
**Jeu Monegasque 
**White Nights
**Double Trouble

**Archersaurus - Self Extinction
**Ask Archer
**Semper Fi
**L'espoin Mal Fait
**ISIS infiltrates Comic-con