The League Mr. McGibblets
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The League Mr. McGibblets


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  • Additional Details
  • Ages: 12 and up
  • Assembly Required: No
  • Batteries: Not Required
  • Dimensions: 14 inches tall
  • Made In: Imported
  • Sound: Mr. McGibblet's Theme Song
  • Weight: 0.95
Kevin's daughter, Ellie, loves Mr. McGibblets. Everyone loves Mr. McGibblets...Except Kevin who hates Mr. McGibblets' stupid theme song and crazy smiley face with a passion. Now you can own your very own plush toy of the most psychotic kids show host ever - The League's Mr. McGibblets. Just squeeze this soft plush's hand and hear him sing: "Tickle me, and rub my belly!" Mr. McGibblets is sure to annoy and delight everyone around you!

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